Our Kids Space

My family and I are creators.

Jacob and I are raising our children to find their creative outlet early on in life. We want them to always understand that whatever they choose to do and be, it must be driven by happiness. If it makes them happy and brings them joy, then, by all means, do it!

If you love what you do, you will be rich!

CreateAnother strong contribution to our children’s upbringing is self-sustainability. We moved from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the big city life, to Hohenwald, Tennessee, a beautiful country setting. As a family, we are growing and raising at least 50% of our own food, reducing our waste by 50%, taking on the challenge of caring for many different types of animals in addition to caring and respecting the wildlife on our property, forging our own homestead tools, collecting and burning wood to heat our home, as well as building solar power units to light up our home.  Our main goal was teach our kids, and ourselves, that living off of the land is challenging, but possible; hard work, but rewarding.

Under this tab, you can learn more about what our kids have grown to love, what they are learning about, their extra-curricular activities and their perspectives on the lives they are creating for themselves, forever and always in happiness.

Enjoy watching our kids grow. We sure do!