Nori’s Corner

I am Nori Lemmon, daughter to Jessie and Jacob. I like to sing, dance and play dress up to look like a Princess. But most of all, I like to bake cupcakes, eat cupcakes, and be happy.

My mommy stays home with me and homeschools me. I learn all about the Internet, gardening, story-telling and how to be a good person.

When I grow up, I want to be a cupcake maker, owning my own shop right here in my hometown. Check out what I am currently doing to make my dream come true!

It’s called Cheer Cakes.

When I am not learning, baking or playing with my little brother, I am usually in the garden helping my mom. I love living in the woods and taking care of all the farm animals. It’s awesome.

Thanks for stopping by my moms page!