Nori’s Cheer Cakes



CheerCakes_logo_PurpleCheer Cakes was established by four year old, Nori Vyvyan. She loves making healthy cake treats and also enjoys making people smile. She wanted to combine her two passions with the ability to spread cheer everywhere.

Nori’s initial thought for Cheer Cakes was to bake healthy treats for individuals that need to have their spirits lifted. She became excited when she learn how to bake fruits and veggies (right from her very own backyard) into cupcakes. Nori and her mother bring the treats to local organizations in hope to spread some cheer. Nori first thought to drop off some smiles and cakes at a nursing home which led her to opening doors to many more places such as homeless shelters, humane societies, children’s hospitals and homes for victims of violence.

Nori has created her own unique Cheer Cake packaging using recycled materials, manipulated recipes to be specific to her organization, helped design a logo and these web pages, and is volunteering her time to do some serious cheering up in her hometown.

She has found Cheer Cakes to be fun and worth it! CheerCakes_logo_Green

She has lofty goals to have Cheer Cakes become a national organization where children everywhere can join the Cheer Cake community, bake Cheer Cake recipes, follow Cheer Cake’s mission and spread happiness to those who need it all over the country.

Please help Nori and bake a smile today! Join!

Cheer Cakes is simple.

Once you are signed up to join the Cheer Cake Community, you will receive an email that allows you access to Cheer Cake recipes, packaging, branding materials and a list of ideas on how to cheer people up.

Simply utilize the **recipes to create your favorite Cheer Cakes. Print the packaging branding to decorate your cakes ***container. Bring your Cheer Cakes to your favorite local organization like the nearest nursing home. Hand deliver your homemade Cheer Cakes to individuals within your chosen organization. Spend time with the individual, share stories, but most of all, spread some cheer!

**Please know that it is important to follow the Cheer Cake recipes as the founder of Cheer Cakes has dedicated her time to creating cakes that are healthy and easy to bake. It is important to Cheer Cakes that those receiving a cupcake with their smile will be able to enjoy the treat because it is nutritiously delicious. The founder appreciates your support.CheerCakes_logo_blue

***Please know that it is important to follow the Cheer Cake packaging for to protect the projects dedication to recycling and branding efforts. The founder appreciates your support.