Corporate to Country is a feeling…

a feeling of moving into the unknown in order to satisfy your soul.

Hello! I am Jessie Vyvyan and I went from a corporate lifestyle to livin’ the country life…the simple life!

And I love it!

I am here to motivate others to be the best versions of themselves by realizing there is much more to life than the 9 to 5 grind. I ditched the corporate life and found happiness for my family and I with a lifestyle that suits us.

Here is our story–>About Us!

InspireToolsFor years, my husband and I both worked behind a computer desk, in a dark office, with no freedom to raise our daughter and watch her grow during her most precious early years.

It stunk!

I began to realize how truly unhappy I was missing out on LIFE. My husband and I began to make changes in our way of thinking, making sure we focused on the good and were grateful for what we already had in our lives.

You know…positive thinking and positive affirmations.

We visualized what our perfect dream life would be like and began acting on those thoughts in order to pursue our wildest dream…ditching the corporate lifestyle in exchange for a completely different way of living…the simple life! The country life.

We completely changed our way of living from “riding on the hamster wheel” to living in the middle of the woods, in a cabin, with an orchard and a garden, livestock and homeschooling. A place, and lifestyle, where we could raise our kids TOGETHER, learn sustainability and actually make use of each precious moment we are given in our short lifetime.

Well, guess what?

We are living that very dream!

Our new lifestyle has been an amazing journey of finding our family’s bliss. We grow most of our food, are raising chickens and ducks for eggs and meat, chopping wood to heat our home, using our own hands to create household products and medicines, among many other fantastic lifestyle experiences.

We want to share every story, tip and experience we have. I personally want to motivate you to find your joy in life and to follow that dream. I want to teach you how to leave that cubicle space behind and move forward with a new way of living. A life filled with joy, peace and creation.

The simple life.The country life. The homesteading life. A passionate life.

Special Thanks: Photos by Doug Vojtko of Douglas Productions