Essential Oils

OilBlendsMy new country-based life has been a complete adjustment for my family and I, but has also taught us things like discipline, money control and fight-for-life tactics. Essential oils were quickly added to our medicine cabinet to satisfy these three lessons. Essential oils helped our discipline in helping keep our family well and healthy. We immediately saw the savings when doctor visits declined and our knowledge grew.  Living so far from a medical office and being exposed to more dangerous things like snake and tick bites, essential oils aided our fight-for-life needs.

This product, doTERRA,  was in-line with my ideal way of medicinal healing. The cost was reasonable and the business support was perfect for my busy schedule…all online!

I obviously had a million ideas as to how use these oils and how they would work their way into my family’s lives and our home. With our move to the South, we have all acquired allergies, we have met face-to-face with odd bugs and we have livestock that are dirty from living outdoors.

Well…there is an oil for that!

Since oils have become part of my new homesteading lifestyle, I thought I would share my knowledge AND the product with my visitors.

So far I have mixed different oil recipe for medicinal purposes including thyroid support and headache relief. I have also enjoyed making allergy relief sprays, bug repellents, sugar scrubs, soaps, tinctures, lip balms, laundry detergent and candles.

Fun! Right?DoTerra-Chicks_Logo

If you would like to learn more about doTERRA essential oils or are interested in joining me on my essential oil journey, please contact me or go to my website. Please, by all means, go LIKE my teams Facebook page (The doTERRA Chicks).